Welcome to the Released Movement Class

embody the power of spiritual fitness.

Introducing a transformative class that seamlessly merges the grounding practices of somatic work with the physical dynamism of Pilates and the spiritual cleansing of Kriyas.

This isn’t just another movement class. It’s a spiritual experience enveloped in the principles of Pilates.

This Class Is for You If You…

  • YEARN to connect with your body and spirit on a profound level.
  • Are READY to explore beyond the typical exercise routines.
  • DESIRE a practice that’s as soulful as it is physical.

We will literally release those unwanted and stuck emotions from the body in a fun self loving way using movement as the medicine

Benefits of This Unique Fusion:

Experience physical fitness, emotional balance, and spiritual elevation all in one session.

Learn to listen to, respect, and love your body deeply.

Rediscover and deepen your relationship with your core.

Move the stuck energy, emotions, and stored trauma from the body so you can release old stories and limiting beliefs once and for all.

This is a movement based class. We will strengthen and stretch our body using classical pilates moves.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and a water bottle. You may choose to bring a journal so you can write down anything that comes up while in movement on the mat.

Are You Ready to Release?

The magic happens on Thursday, September 21 at 8pm, via Zoom.