with this 14 day virtual program!


Do you have a relationship with your belly?

Do you treat you belly like its your best friend or your worst enemy?

If I asked you to describe your belly in one word would it be blubbery or Badass?

Here’s the truth – you can’t shame yourself thin or bitch your belly flat but you can LOVE on your body and belly so dang hard that you find yourself fitting into your clothes better and your confidence and energy are next level.

The work in The Belly Immersion is 14 days of intentional belly love.

It’s made up of daily core movements that you can do at your convenience, two live classes, lots of coaching, a private online community, daily journal prompts, meditations, recipes, and more.

Say No More. I’m Ready to Enroll!

You see you can do as many sit ups as you want but unless your nourishing your belly and creating a better energetic relationship with it you are still going to struggle with achieving your desired results.

If you want to physically see a difference in your center in 14 days this program is right for you. 

If you are tired of feeling like you need to hide your body or play small this program is right for you.

I don’t blame you for wanting to feel fabulous in your clothes, I do too!

I don’t blame you for wanting to go to your closet and enjoy getting dress, I do too!

The Belly Immersion

gives you the tools, exercises and mindset shift to up level your body, belly, and life.

In The Belly Immersion, you will consciously connect to your body daily, for 14 days. You will go through my signature system called the CORE CONFIDENCE METHOD. 

These daily belly rituals will strengthen your core muscles, increase your awareness, build your mindset muscles, evoke your inner goddess, create a fit fab midsection you’ve always desired.

Your core is the center of intuition, creativity, and life. In Pilates, we call your core your POWERHOUSE. Because that’s what it is.

And when you move from a place of power, from your center, your core, in everything you do, you unleash the badass within.

Bye, Bye Belly…Hello CORE Confidence!!

The Belly Immersion gives you the tools, exercises, and mindset shift to up-level your body, belly, and life.

Because this is a self-paced program, your immersion starts the moment when you enroll!

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