You made it. All that hard work and baby making practice sessions have paid off and you are blessed with a beautiful being growing inside of you.

At the same time, you might be saying OMG I’M PREGNANT!

I know I did.

Even after trying for so long once it happened it can truly turn your life around…bringing a TON of questions, concerns and the need to upgrade your lifestyle.

Proper nutrition, stress management, the right exercise routine, supplementation and self love are more important now then ever.

Even as a L.E.A.N. certified prenatal coach and a certified nutrition coach I found myself asking:

Is it OK to eat this? Or this?

Am I putting on too much weight?

Can I still take X supplement?

Is everyone’s cravings this out of control?

Is anything ever going to fit me again?

Will my hormones ever chill or will I be this moody forever?

Rest assured, what you are experiencing is normal and in the positive pregnancy program we cover everything you need to know about proper nutrition, lifestyle and a slew of other things “I wish someone told me!” or “I was afraid to ask” because we know that love and support is key to keeping you healthy during each changing trimester.

What you must know about having a Positive Pregnancy
  1. Nutrition requirements for a healthy pregnancy – at every stage.
  2. Changes to your body that can be boosted with specific vitamins and minerals.
  3. High-risk foods to avoid and healthy alternatives.
  4. How to manage food cravings and aversions.
  5. Your best exercise plans during pregnancy.
  6. How to best handle your fears, concerns and questions.
  7. Common first trimester issues, such as low energy, nausea, food cravings, hunger and appetite issues, and food aversions.
  8. Common second trimester issues, such as return of energy, weight gain, changes to hunger and appetite, preventing or managing gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, food cravings or aversions, new food ideas.
  9. Common third trimester issues, such as additional weight gain, changes to exercise, managing hunger and appetite, and weight gain.
  10. Common post-natal issues, such as adequate nutrition for breastfeeding, patience with weight loss, monitoring weight loss safely, and resuming exercise once physician approved.