With over 2 decades of experience helping women transform their mind, body, and soul through movement, nourishment, and mindset shifts – I don’t just talk the talk, I also walk the walk!


Part Mompreneur + Part Pilates Guru + Part Self-Love Bestie

How many of us grew up craving comfort foods, noshing on sweets, and indulging in treats that always leave us wanting more?

Habits are formed early in life. The patterns we saw from the adults in our childhood informed us how we would relate to food. If you find yourself struggling to break those unhealthy habits, you’re not alone!

As a mompreneur who juggles homeschooling with running a thriving wellness business, I’ve cultivated the routines and cooking hacks to ensure my entire family is getting the nutrients they need without creating extra work for myself.

Accessible. Knowledgeable. Engaging.

As a CORE Confidence Coach and belly mentor, Loni empowers women who want to live in a body they love. She is also the owner of Pilates Playspace, a private studio which offers group and private classes, in-person and online. Her signature programs, The Belly Immersion and CORE Confidence Method, give women the tools they need to cultivate a holistic approach to fitness, integrating mindset and movement with intentional nourishment.

Loni is a certified holistic health coach and holds a master’s degree in nutrition, with a certification in the psychology of eating and a pre and post natal nutrition certification from Dr. Sears. Loni is Power Pilates Certified and has been teaching Pilates and other movement modalities for almost two decades.

Loni has helped hundreds of women get to the core of why they are struggling with their body. Her programs and classes help them to create a more connected loving relationship with themselves, answering the question, “Who are you at your core and how do you want to unleash that power?”

Loni takes on a cheerleader approach with her coaching and instruction. Because she knows that mind and movement must meet for optimal health, she will meet you where you’re at and give you that gently loving swift kick in the ass, on and off the mats. Her students are left feeling stronger with an increased self-awareness and a renewed sense of body confidence.


Let’s connect and discuss how I can support your wellness journey!

I am available for any of the following:

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  • Leading conversations on self-love, nutrition, intuitive movement, Pilates, mindset, and holistic health
  • Teaching a workshop
  • Hosting a seminar

You can also inquire about contracting me for the following:

  • Private Sessions
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