Join Us on October 14 from 12-4pm
in Delray Beach, FL


Awaken the Feminine Goddess Within YOU!

If you are ready to unveil the shimmering light that’s yearning to break free..

Your moment is here!

GLOW is your invitation to tap into your energy, to reconnect with your true essence, and let it radiate from the inside out.


Sister Circle

Bond with soulful sisters who see and celebrate you.

Sacred Ceremony

Delve into the rituals that have awakened the divine feminine for generations. Let this ceremonies heal, empower, and transform you.

Energy Work

Harness and balance your energetic vibrations. Experience the profound shifts as you align with your goddess self!

Movement & Dance

Awaken your body and spirit. Express your joy, passion, and power as we do two different modalities to help you connect to your body.

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Embrace Your Inner Radiance at GLOW

If your heart has been craving a moment of pause, a day of pure self-loving indulgence away from the hustle and bustle, GLOW is your sanctuary.

Your Time is Now. Your Light is Ready to Shine.

Join us at GLOW and embark on a transformative journey to nurture the divine goddess within.


P.S. Spaces are limited to maintain the intimacy and power of this sacred gathering. Reserve your spot today and ensure a day of rejuvenation, celebration, and profound transformation.

GLOW awaits you.

Meet Your Teachers

Loni Markman is a pilates energetics & neurosomatic coach who empowers women to live in a body they love.

Loni has her masters in Nutriton, and holds certifications in holistic health, psychology of eating, trauma informed movement, somatic healing and is currently completing her trifecta alchemy certification. She is also Power Pilates Certified and has been teaching Pilates and other movement modalities for almost two decades. She is passionate about helping women have a flexible mind, body and nervous system.

Jacqueline Burbage is a certified Yoga Therapist and embodiment mentor.

She has been teaching yoga since 2008 and now enjoys sharing all somatic practices with others. Her life‘s path personally and professionally brings her to understand the body in a deep way especially focused on nervous system regulation. Her hope is for all women to love themselves, care for themselves deeply, and to be their authentic self.

You can follow Jacqueline on Instagram: @inbodyjourney_yogatherapy