You KNOW you want more.

That little voice inside of you keeps getting louder and louder…

You’re done playing small, beating yourself up, dieting & body shaming.

You are ready to end the emotional eating rollercoaster.

You are ready to kick self-sabotage to the curb, once and for all!

You are ready for real self acceptance.

You have tried ALLLL the things and while some things stuck you’re still feeling stuck.

You are ready to stop shaming, comparing, judging and criticizing.

You are ready to finally feel free IN your body And show up IN your life in a bigger way…

…but how the eff do you do that?

Insert Permission Playground

Two potent masterclasses and one vision casting party.

This 3 day experience will help you move from stuck and spinning to free and expanded.

Where we quiet our inner critic and bring our inner roar forward.

It’s time to unleash your inner POWER.

I see you.

I am you. I’ve been where you’re at and I’ve used these methods to help me get unstuck, get out of my head and into my body and to start to allow myself to take up space.

There is so much freedom in giving yourself permission to truly love and accept yourself, as you are now. 


IF YOU GIVE EVERYTHING to everyone else — leaving you feeling depleted, lonely and overwhelmed.

IF YOU KNOW you’re playing small but you are finally ready to love yourself and take up more space.

IF YOU ARE READY to say “fuck you” to your inner critic and “HELL YES” to your inner beauty.

IF THERE IS A FIRE INSIDE OF YOU and you are ready to unleash it.

This is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for!


The Deets

WHO: You and other like-minded women on the same journey

WHEN: Jan 12th, 13th, and 17th

WHAT: This experience is made up of two 1-hour experientially educational potent AF masterclasses and one 3-hour manifestation workshop.

Each class comes with 2-3 take home tools to implement into your inner peace practice.

Day ONE — Energetics of Permission 

Reframe Your Story and Old Beliefs
Say Goodbye to “Should” and Embrace Permission

Day TWO — Permission to Love Your Body 

Conscious Movement & Nervous System Regulation

Day THREE — Vision Casting Party and Permission to Dream

Magic Making and Manifestation for What YOU Desire for 2023

Celebrate 2023 with

Permission Playground

Hi, I’m Loni.


I am a freedom giver, permission grantor and cheerleader
at heart. It is my passion to be your motivational maven
and help you fall in love with your body, belly and self.