Welcome to the Mommyhood Journey!

The Mommyhood Journey begins and ends with YOU. This is your path, your journey in life. After you have your baby, it’s important to reconnect with your SELF.

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You have so many questions but you don’t know where to turn for a trusted answer.

There is no manual for how to do this without going insane. You will be an emotional mess 99.9999% of the time and that is OK.

Repeat after me…I AM OK.

Don’t give up hope. You are more than capable of parenting. You just need the right tools and support to help you navigate this journey.

Am I good enough to be a mom?
Can I even conceive?
Do I need to lose weight first?
Am I really ready?

No matter if you were one of the lucky ones who got pregnant easily or if you, like me, spent years trying to navigate the fertility process, your journey into motherhood has been filled with so many emotions.

What I know is that no matter where you are on this journey…

You have to love yourself first before entering into any phase of this AH-MAZE-ING journey. It is all too easy to beat ourselves up. Whether it be about our weight or our HCG levels.

I want to help you love your way through this process.

What to expect with the Mommyhood Journey

There are many defining moments in life. The moment you decide you want to become a mother is one of them. What happens next is a flooding of emotions and questions.

I get you. I’ve been there too.

Is this ever going to happen?
Have you started to lose hope?
Fed up with the process?
Do you feel up against a ticking biological clock?
Have you tried sooo long to have a child that you second guess if this can really happen for you?


Are you FINALLY pregnant but also now scared shitless?
Do you have trouble enjoying the joy because you don’t think it will last?
Are you suffering in silence because you don’t want to admit that you secretly hate your growing body?
Will you be a good mom?
How will you know what is best?

Your journey is full of challenges and breakthroughs disguised as breakdowns. Your mommyhood care package will help you with some of the most FAQs of your journey.

Create Life & Live Wholeheartedly

At the core of your fertility, self-esteem, and emotional eating is a damaged relationship with your body.

Before you can create life and live wholeheartedly, you have to nurture the body you have. This includes self-love, delicious healthy foods, daily movement, lots of wholesome fun, emotional cheerleaders, and permission to be who you are.

Together we work to unravel those limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing a positive relationship with your SELF and your body.

From the moment you decided you wanted to be a mom you’ve entered into a new beautifully challenging journey, the Mommyhood Journey.

I created the Positive Pregnancy Program  to show women how to love their bodies even when it feels like their body is working against them or “doesn’t feel like your own”.

Select the phase you're in and
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