Welcome to the Mommyhood Journey!

There are many defining moments in life. The moment you decide you want to become a mother is one of them. What happens next is a flooding of emotions and questions.

I get you. I’ve been there too.

Is this ever going to happen?
Have you started to lose hope?
Fed up with the process?
Do you feel up against a ticking biological clock?
Have you tried sooo long to have a child that you second guess if this can really happen for you?


Are you FINALLY pregnant but also now scared shitless?
Do you have trouble enjoying the joy because you don’t think it will last?
Are you suffering in silence because you don’t want to admit that you secretly hate your growing body?
Will you be a good mom?
How will you know what is best?
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Your journey is full of challenges and breakthroughs disguised as breakdowns. Your mommyhood care package will help you with some of the most FAQs of your journey.

The Mommyhood Journey begins and ends with YOU. This is your path, your journey in life. After you have your baby, it’s important to reconnect with your SELF.

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